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Mathic Number Rulebook

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Embark on an exciting mathematical journey with Mathic Number, the captivating card game that challenges your arithmetic skills and strategic thinking!

🕹️ How to Play:

To play Mathic Number, visit and click "Play Mathic Number" to start the game. To begin the game, four cards are dealt on the table at the top, and one card into your hand at the bottom right.

🥅 Goal:

The goal of Mathic Number is to score the most points by computing equations using Mathic cards and arithmetic operators.

💡 Computing Equations:

To compute equations, you must use the card in your hand and any of the cards on the table.

1. Place the cards on the equation board

2. Declare the number of the card (if necessary)

3. Select the correct operators to make the equation true

4. Click the “Compute” button.

🎯If the equation is true, you will be awarded points.

If the equation is not true, you lose one heart ❤️.

🎮If you compute three incorrect equations, the game is over🔚.

📜 Scoring: Players earn two points for every card computed. The more cards you use, the higher your score.

🧮 Equation Board:

The equation board has five spaces to place cards to make equations. Operators can be selected between cards to compute equations.


Choose from four operators:

➕ Addition

➖ Subtraction (awards an extra point!)

✖️ Multiplication (awards two bonus points!)

➗ Division (awards three bonus points!)

The more complex the equation, the more points you get.

( ) Brackets (Parentheses):

Click on the brackets to ensure your equations are true. Turn them on or off with a simple click! There are no bonus points for using brackets.

🔄 Need a Reset? If you can’t make an equation with the given cards, you can click the reset button once per heart to reset all 5 cards.

🎴 The Mathic Cards:

There are 100 Mathic cards in six groups: 52 Basic, 10 Rounding, 10 Greater Than/Less Than, 10 Greater Than/Less Than or Equal to, 10 Multiple of, and 8 Number Cards. Cards turn into numbers when they are placed on the equation board.

  1. Basic Cards are whole number cards, numbered from 0 to 12, in the usual suits (clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades). These cards are basic, because they can only be the number represented on the card.

There are 48 special cards that follow specific rules and can be many different numbers. When they are placed on the equation board, you'll need to declare the number that matches the card or the equation will not compute.

  1. Rounding Cards can be any number that rounds to the number on the card like ~10.

  2. Greater Than/Less Than Cards can be any number greater than/less than the number on the card like <1 and >1,000)

  3. Greater Than/Less Than or Equal to Cards can be any number greater than/less than or equal to the number on the card like ≤5 and ≥100)

  4. Multiple of Cards can be any number that is a multiple of (or divisible by) the number on the card. (e.g., Multiple of Three - Twelve)

  5. Number Cards can be any number that matches the card: They are composite number, prime number, even number, odd number, and square number. Sample numbers listed in the appendix.

⚙️ Customize Your Game: Want to make things just right for your grade level? You can customize which cards you play with in the settings. Adjust card quantities from 1 to 10 (max), and select multiple and number cards individually. Save your setup by clicking “back” or “main menu”.

Thank You:

Thanks a million for joining in on the Mathic Game Community!


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Mathic Number Rulebook 9.4.23
Download PDF • 260KB

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