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How to Write a "How To" Article

Writing clear, well-organized "how to" articles is an important skill for students to master. These process-driven pieces not only help students convey information in a logical sequence, but also reinforce critical thinking as they break down complex tasks into manageable steps.

However, many students struggle with the structure and components required for an effective "how to" piece. This is where providing a template can be transformative for student writers. A "how to" writing template gives students a framework to organize their ideas and ensures they include all the key elements.

The ideal "how to" template should include:

1. A title that begins with "How to" and clearly states the process being explained

2. An introduction describing what the reader will make or do

3. A "What You Need" section listing necessary materials/ingredients

4. Numbered steps detailing what to do in the proper order

5. A conclusion recapping what was made/done and providing any additional tips

By giving students this blueprint, we equip them with the tools to tackle "how to" writing with confidence. The template acts as scaffolding, enabling students to focus on their content rather than getting stuck on the format.

In addition to providing structure, templates make expectations transparent. Students know exactly what elements they need to include and how to organize their article. This sets them up for success and allows educators to communicate consistent evaluation criteria.

So if you're teaching "how to" writing, consider the power of a thoughtful template. By guiding students with a clear organizational structure, you'll help build their expository writing skills and set them on the path to crafting informative, easy-to-follow "how to" masterpieces. Empowering student writers starts with giving them the right tools - and a strong "how to" template is an essential addition to their toolkit!

Ready to get started with an educator-approved "how to" article template? Click the link below to purchase a ready-to-use template that has received rave reviews from teachers. With this templated resource, you'll have everything you need to help your students become "how to" writing pros in no time!

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