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Mathic Games were created by Perry Clemons, an educator and educational game creator, to bridge the gap of math education between parents, educators, and students. 

The idea for Mathic Games came to Perry during the height of the pandemic once schools closed nationwide. Perry knew that math education suffers the biggest learning losses during such breaks. 

So Perry adapted a game that he played as a kid and in his classroom to be "more mathematical." Removing the traditional royalty with math concepts. That's how Mathic Number was created.


The first iteration of the Mathic Number: The Card Game of Arithmetic was overflowing with math(ic) concepts, so the fraction cards became their own game: Mathic Fraction: The Card Game of Arithmetic.

Upon their debut Mathic Games were authenticated educational products, joining the ranks of educational materials preparing students for the future.


In 2022, Mathic Games were a finalist for the GEE Learning Award.



A few months later, The National Museum of Play added Mathic Games to their permanent collection.

Don't you think Mathic Games should be part of your collection!

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